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Elegant, innovative Windows & Doors for your home!
Kruse Glass and Aluminum makes it a priority to offer quality products that meet and exceed industry standards for performance and energy efficiency. In a climate such as Canada it is important to install Window and Door products in your home that interact with the environment differently with the changing seasons. In summer, keeping the hot solar energy from heating up your home is a must. During cold Canadian winters you may want to utilize that solar energy to help heat your homes interior. Low e glass and inert Argon gas fills provide the solution that works for both seasons. Because the nature of the sun in the sky changes during each season, low e glass will allow more solar energy through during the cold winter months while reflecting it back out during the hot summer months. This will save you money on your utilities bill and also is very environmentally friendly.

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DOORS (entry & garden)

DOORS (sliding)


Utilize the Commercial Experts at Kruse Glass!

The culture and style of a society are represented in the buildings it creates and occupies. The value and significance of the Greek city of Athens was easily identified by the huge overwhelming stone columns of the Parthenon that crowned the Acropolis. The Egyptians are unmistakable experts in form and precision when they immortalized their culture constructing the Pyramids. Some of the most inspiring and influential buildings that define modern western culture are Commercial structures. Sky scraping office buildings, hotels, apartments, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, airports – our professional team provides quality competitive solutions for a diverse range of Commercial architectural needs.

Auto Windshield

Kruse Glass gets you Back On The Road!

Is your vehicle a victim of a rogue stone or maybe a stray foul ball? It can be very frustrating when you are freely cruising along when suddenly your windshield is struck by an inconspicuous offender without warning and there is nothing you can do to bring the culprit to justice. Fortunately by utilizing modern technology many types of stone chips or cracks can be repaired especially when the damaged area is fixed before it is further infected by time, washing or rough weather. If possible simply repairing your windshield is desirable because it is convenient and also saves you money. Sometimes the windshield is damaged passed the point of repair and needs to be replaced instead. Kruse Glass has experienced technicians who follow a set process that assures safety and quality when replacing your windshield.

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Studies have shown that on average 50% of windshield chips crack within a year, 80% within 2 years and 90% within 3 years. (source: Effects of Stresses on chipped Windscreens, Dr Gwenaelle M Daniel, Swansea Metropolitan University)
There are 3 primary causes for a chip to start cracking.

1) Cold weather – Cold weather causes the windshield to contract which typically results in horizontal cracking
2) Air conditioning + warm weather – Vertical cracking is generally the result of cold air from the vehicles air conditioner impacting the windshield during hot weather
3) Driving on rough terrain – Road bumps or potholes put stress on the vehicle as a whole which typically forces the crack to grow towards an edge

Kruse Glass respects the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS):

208 Standard
When the airbag deploys, the windshield must offer a strong support point.

212 Standard
In the event of a head-on collision, the windshield must stay in place to prevent the passenger from being ejected.

216 Standard
When excessive force is applied, i.e., when a car overturns, the windshield must prevent the roof from collapsing to protect the car’s occupants

Frameless Glass Showers

Start with a vision, end with a masterpiece!

How do you start off your day? Imagine every morning walking in to a bathroom fit for royalty! Kruse Glass is able to bring you this luxury without breaking your budget. There is no modest way to describe the breathtaking experience made possible by this unique system. The response is always the same, simply sublime.

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Aluminum & Glass Railings

Custom Glass Types, Hidden Fasteners, Secured Installation!

If you are in the market for a flawless looking, durable, strong interior or exterior railing that will add a unique look to your home, Kruse Glass offers an elegant cost effective solution that is completely customizable to suit your needs.

Our rust proof Aluminum system is an ideal enhancement to any deck and is available in picket style or also a combination of Aluminum and Glass with top rail, or Glass without the top rail. Aluminum is completely powder coated with virtually any color you require.

Our interior glass railings are also an impressive way to transform a regular staircase in to a center piece that is the envy of any visitor to your home.

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